Our dedication to meat

“Yakiniku Baru YARUKI” is part of the “Yakiniku YARUKI” group. “Meat Bar YARUKI” is the result of our 30 year commitment to the taste of meat, and the knowledge accumulated in Kyoto, and that dedication taken form though our love. The high quality meat realized by the purchasing power and sales ability of YARUKI group and the Omi beef brands chosen by meat wholesalers. We will deliver the intended taste of meat to everyone at a reasonable price.

Why can we provide luxurious rare cuts of caws at affordable prices? Two reasons: because we buy the whole A4 grade cattle, and because we know everything there is to know about beef. We will do everything we can so our customers can enjoy fine rare cuts in their everyday life.

We are the first restaurant in Kyoto to offer rare cuts of Omi beef. We want our customers to melt with the joy of tasting the umami of beef from rare brand cattle you cannot find anywhere else. That is why YARUKI gives scrupulous care to quality and the brands of beef.