Roasted Beef Sashimi

Our Omi Beef Golden Yukke with our special sauce is one of the highest quality dishes. Because we also run meat wholesale businesses, it stays fresh from the moment the beef is cut till it reaches the customer. You can enjoy a second to none value that can only be realized by a meat professional such as us.

The Omi beef mince and sea urchin roll is a luxurious item that the taste fills you with bliss as the sea urchin and beef melt in your mouth. Combining beef with the best seafood ingredients, in order for you to taste the highest quality beef, we will never give up the challenge to push the potential of beef. This challenging spirit creating our groundbreaking products is one of the reasons why our customers support us.

Oban Sushi (large beef sushi) is roasted with a burner just to the way you like it best, you can almost taste it only by watching it. Every drop of beef dripping is a sign of our love. It is no surprise that beef is delicious, but we never forget that presentation is also part of the meal.