Confidence in Wagyu

Because we are a meat bar operated by a Yakiniku restaurant, we have a menu that lets you enjoy Wagyu Beef to the fullest extent. From our prize beef sashimi and beef sushi to our appetizers and hot dishes, our extravagant meat menu will bring out all the delicate flavors of beef to the limit.

Commitment to Wine

For those who want to enjoy wine more casually, but don’t want to sacrifice quality. We will deliver to your table, wine that has been carefully selected according to your taste by our sommeliers. If you are feeling for something classy or for something new, we have the best wine that is perfect for you, which will make your meal even more special.

Attention to Customer Service

Our staff are carefully selected out of hundreds of candidates. Our staff can answer to seven different languages, to help people form a wide range of cultures feel at home. A restaurant is a place of communication between people, and we must be friendly and sincere when serving customers. We never compromise, not even for staff.